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About Us

Horus center is a training provider which is also part of Egypt of Alexandria city. We offer a wide management programs, financial, banking, sales, marketing, legal skills including apprenticeships and professional certificates at various levels. Our open programs allow individuals to attend a wide range of training courses throughout the year
We work in partnership with a large number of employers and aim to raise awareness of the importance of skills development and training. This helps employers to develop their business through the retention of skilled staff.

we are Continuously improve our expertise in relation to professional training standards, we Provide our client with service to industry standards recognition and respect from our client for our dedication and commitment to responsible management of professional training standards incorporate and integrate professional training standards into our process, we provide our client with the knowledge, skills and tools required to perform their manner.


Provide and organize training service using the latest scientific methods and global, working to meet the needs of the organizations and companies from specialized training programs in all fields to improve the employees skills of these organizations to reach the top performance by adhering to professional ethics and the application of quality standards in training, so we work collaborator one team and we Do our best to satisfy our clients.


To be an excellence center and one among the premier training centers of the area and through the quality service provision to satisfy our clients and also expect from us. That is why we are committed to do the following:

  • Maintain to be one of the best centers in this area.
  • Always develop our staff skills

We believe that to achieve our mission and our vision we are creating balance between customer requirements and expectations of our staff.